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The FairyTale Proposal

We feel so lucky to be involved with so many people's Weddings and Events across Brisbane, but this was one to remember!

Brisbane Proposal Music


We received a call from The Proposal Guru one evening with a request to be part of one of their clients Proposal Stories. At this point we hadn't heard of the Proposal Guru or of the Magical moments they create for their clients.

We accepted their request to be involved and are so glad we did. Aaron & Carly are the beautiful couple behind the Proposal Guru and we must say... they really are guru's.

This was straight out of a FairyTale.

Their clients had flew all the way from London to Brisbane where Akshay proposed to his now Fiance. So much planning and work went into creating this memory that will last forever.

Akshay and his partner were welcomed into one of Brisbane's gardens by Carly, holding a candle that led onto hundreds of more candles which lit up the night. They walked down a path where Carly left them to step onto a red carpet which was followed by LOVE written in huge letters.

We sang a combination of 'Forever Young and Halo' merged together as they walked down the red isle and Akshay dropped to one knee to ask his big question... 'Will You Marry Me'.

We then followed with some of our favourite cover songs, 'Kiss Me' and 'Say you won't let go'. They cuddled and kissed and this moment we get to remember not only such a special memory, but something that we helped create forever.

I only wish Brad had heard of The Proposal Guru when he asked me to marry him... Oh well! I guess he will just have to make up for it when we get married hehe.



Brisbane Acoustic Duo

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