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Half Done Album Launch


If you missed it, Brad released his very first album as a soloist.

You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and more!

It was a great success, Bradley Button was surrounded by friends and family to perform live this new album he had spent years writing, recording and perfecting for that moment.

It truly was special to see all of his hard work come together. Being an artist can be a struggle, especially when you are self funding and wish to persue an original piece of work at a professional standard. The costs are high and unfortunately it's like any other project, unless you really put the effort, time and money into it, it won't pay off the way you wish for it to.

But this did pay off, the love really was in the air and the support in the room was incredible.

He performed each song from his album, 'Half Done' along with some of his other work, such as 'Butterfly' and 'Chilli'.

It felt like he was able to fully release his emotions and creativity into this launch and it was like closing one chapter to start the next.

Brad hopes to write more originals as a soloist, but would like to start on the 'Brad & Brodie' album before moving forward with another solo piece of work.

Here are just some of the photograph's our talented friend, Rommell took for Bradley's big day.

Bradley Button | Brad & Brodie Music

Acoustic Soloist Brisbane


For me releasing this album felt like climbing a mountain and there's no way I could have done it on my own. 'Half Done' is a twelve track studio album that I made over the course of roughly three years. It digs deep into a lot of my dark days and excels light through each of the cracks. When I met Brodie I was half way through recording 'Half Done' hehe and she joined the rollercoaster always standing by my side. On June 9th 2019 I released this album into the world and I felt a huge weight fly from my shoulders. I gave it everything I had, I fully expressed myself and threw my songs across the audience like rainfall in the summer sun and the energy just kept lifting! When I opened my eyes and I was surrounded by an audience of people who where dancing, cheering and sending me so much love. I felt the soothing warmth of acceptance and respect as I looked down over the deep gully that I had been stuck in for way to long before climbing this mountain. Ironically 'Half Done' is the first project that I have ever completed. It served as a healing process and a helped me to find my true self. The night was short and sweet, the beers where flowing and there was a electric pulse in the air that kept the joyful vibe alive. I will be forever grateful for the love and support that everyone in my audience gave me.

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