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SIHE 1 Year Anniversary

Brad & Brodie

A year ago, on November the 6th 2018, we released a single called 'Something in Her Eye', which we uploaded to YouTube with an at home video sharing our news... that we were pregnant!

Here we are today, in bed, with the fan on of course (QLD Weather hey!), I'm typing this (Brodie) while Brad is cuddling our 6 month old daughter, Norah.

We initially wrote this song with nothing exact in mind. The words, 'Something in her eye changed', 'May' and 'the whole World inside her' were written by Brodie in 2016 while she was at her office job in the Gold Coast.

We had only met weeks before and they just came to mind, so I wrote them down and shared them with Brad the next time we jammed. Brad came up with some chords on the guitar and the rest is history!

The original words also included '22nd of May', which again didn't make much sense up until we found out our girly was due in May. She was born on the 5th of May, however all the numbers in her birth date actually add up to 22.

We love this song, it means so much to us, even though it was recorded and written before Norah even jumped into my belly.

We hope this song makes others feel as light and as free as it does to us.

If you'd like to hear it, you can simply search 'Brad & Brodie - Something in Her Eye' on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

With Love,

Brad & Brodie

Something in Her Eye
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