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Fairy Tales are Real

We teamed up again with the legendary Proposal Guru to create yet another fairy tale proposal. As we arrived we where completely blown away by the elegance of this proposal. The gurus had been hard at work, their passion and devotion was woven through the lush luxurious setup and brought to life by the flickering of a floor of candles. As the couple entered into view the butterflies kicked in (We always get like this before these sort of gigs) and we sprung into action! It's hard to describe how awesome the moment was when the partner realised that the setup was for her. Her eyes lights up like a lantern and you can almost hear her heartbeat ignite. We sang as the sun set over the city's shoulder and the couple enjoyed champagne and a platter. They danced, laughed and cried tears of joy together and the fairy tale continued. We where honored to play for the evening and look forward to the next one! If you are interested in seeing some more of The Proposal Guru's fine work you can find them here: Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed it!

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