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Sam & Eddie's Seaside Ceremony


It was a bright and warm Saturday afternoon in May. I was working as a soloist as Brodie was home resting and keeping our new born bubba safe and sound. The setting was beautiful, it was simplistic, light and was situated by the shore overlooking the vast ocean with the Port of Brisbane in the distance.

I set up, the guests arrived and we all engaged into the couples life changing scene. I began to softly play some classics and the afternoon commenced.

With news that the bride had arrived the guests where seated and Eddie took his position at the end of the altar with his legendary grin ready to greet the love of his life. The couple had requested 'More Than Words' - Extreme to be their isle song. I think thats the bit where the nerves kicked in! there are some tricky high notes in that song and I really wanted to give it them the best performance I could. As the moment arrived I gently began the song and Sam took her first steps down the lush grassy isle. As she reached the end, Eddie took her gracefully and in that moment everything became bliss. I continued softly picking chords while they said their vows. I'll always remember the pure beauty of this moment and it seemed as if even the ocean stood still for them.

The best thing about this job is not only do I get to do what I love and share it with the people around me, but I get to meet great people that Brodie and I go on to be friends with. Just like this booking, we now get to call Sam & Eddie our friends and that is something I'll be grateful for forever.

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