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How to find LOVE in an uncertain World

Sometimes, it's just too easy to get distracted by the pain and suffering of the world around us, and we easily become distracted by this. The negativity becomes heavier, our hearts become scarier and we begin to 'dull' ourselves.

So how can we change that?

How can we find a way to not just FIND the love in the uncertain world, but FEEL the love?

Well here's some inside to my own experiences, and how I have done just that...

A little while ago, I felt completely lost and worried that I would never find love in my life. The realities were hitting too hard, so much pressure was put on to me to be something I wasn't. But there was something magical inside of me, something that was just telling me not to give up and that love does in fact exist, despite what my ego was telling me.

I had been in a bad relationship with my ex-boyfriend, to the point where I thought I had completely lost myself, when in reality it was just the thing that sparked my journey into self-discovery and self-love.

When our relationship ended, I decided it was time to find my feet again (Even though I was only 17) But that's how I felt, and that is ok. So, I began travelling, hanging out with friends, partying, changing jobs, eating junk food and the lot!

At that time, it was what I needed, a little distraction from the pressures of life and a little fun for a young girl.

By the time I had moved back to Australia, I was 19. And all the partying, bad foods and everything else was taking it's toll on me. So what did I do? I just pretended like I was ok. I masked the emotional baggage I had been carrying around with me and just kept moving forward. I tried to find my way back into old friendship groups - that I really didn't belong in anymore as I had grown tremendously as a human over my 4.5 years of living abroad. I started eating bad foods, drinking again and partying way too much.

Then this time... it really did hit me... hard! It wasn't until a few speed bumps had occurred on this journey until I had finally decided, that this time it's real - I'm actually going to focus on me, Brodie and what I want, who I am and who I want to be.

So after some courage building (maybe 20 or so self talks in the mirror) I packed up my bags, got a job in the Gold Coast and found a flat to live in. I started spending my time searching healthy food and positive things to do that will benefit my soul and hanging around creative and like minded people instead of partying and numbing myself.

I would spend my weekends heading to waterfalls, going to the beach, meditating, reading philosophical books and listening to Ted Talks. And then I hit this point, this point of bliss, of love, within myself.

Something I had never truly felt before.

It was freedom - in my mind.

I felt love for me, loved by me. Because I stopped trying to fit into places that no longer matched my energy, I stopped dumbing myself down to be one of the 'cool' kids and instead, I found Brodie.

And through finding me, I found that love again. That love I had been yearning for.

And if it wasn't for that journey of self-love, I never would of been able to find soulmate love with my Fiance, Bradley.

With Love,



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